Bed Shapes Sizes

Estimated Pricing – Includs My Fees

Small Round 25″ Diameter $45
Medium Round 40″ Diameter, 40lb – 70lb $60
Large Round 52″ Diameter, 70lb – 120lb $75
Small Rectangle 18″ X 28″ $45
Medium Rectangle 24″ X 34″ $60
Large Rectangle 32″ X 43″ $75
Bowl Beds These are for small dogs and cats $30

Bed slip covers to protect your pets bed…

$20 to $30 depending on size of bed…
Rectangle beds can be special ordered in larger sizes upon request… My fees will vary depending on size of bed…

Shipping & Handling rates between $10-$25 for most bed orders in the Continental U.S. shipped VIA UPS Ground.

We DO NOT ship to Countries outside of Canada, the U.S. and its Territories. Shipping cost to Canada is usually double of quoted shipping charge.

Due to the care and time that goes into making these beds, it can take up to 6 weeks to receive it.