Above is Heidi enjoying her new bed!

Each and every Honey’s Mom Pet Beds are made with the utmost love and care. The customer has the ability to pick out their own custom fabric for their pets bed. The most popular beds have been made with fleece, but there have been a few made from cotton, for those dogs that get too hot. Each bed has coordinating piping around the edges for durability and there is a large zipper so that you can easily take out the padding. The padding of the bed is made of a polyfill muslin with different thicknesses and you can add more stuffing as needed. I have had many owners comment about how nicely these beds come out of the washer and how their pets are waiting for them to put the cover back on.

I currently make three different kinds of beds: round, rectangle and bowl shaped. The round and rectangle beds come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The bowl shaped beds come in one size for cats and small dogs. I occasionally get submissions for custom sized beds. For one owner I even made a bed to fit the back of their sport utility vehicle so that their Labs can travel in comfort. Prices do vary depending on the price of fabric etc. See the pricing page for estimated prices…

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